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Buy Zerbert Strain from backpackboyz, one of the strains from the Cookies x Backpackboyz collaboration. Order zerbert strain online

Zerbert strain is a new strain released by the backpackboyz from crossing Zkittlez and Sunset Sherbert.

In case you’re on the chase for a stunning flavor and a complete-body high, you’ve discovered it with Zerbert Strain. This bud presents a scrumptious tastes, with a berry candy taste moving over your tongue with every toke. The smell is quite the same, despite the fact that it has sharp traces of citrus and earth to it.

The Zerbert strain high isn’t as brilliant as the flavor, with impacts that are all the more sedative in nature. It is ideal for a languid night when you need to relax and enjoy some music or your preferred show. The high begins gradually moving throughout your mind, ridding it of any negative thoughts and supplanting them with unfocused satisfaction. A light shivery body high comes straightaway, washing over you and leaving you loose with a sharp ache of yearning hitting you rapidly. With these impacts and its modestly high 14-19% normal THC level, Zerbert backpackboyz is regularly picked to treat intense pains, sadness, headaches or migraines, aggravation and stress. This bud has grape-molded dull green nugs with dainty orange hairs, rich blue connotations and a covering of chilly little white precious stone trichomes.

History Of Zerbert Strain

This combination brought about a super unique strain with an amazing taste and flavor. Similar to other backpackboyz strain the zerbert strain nugs transition between light green and dark green with occasional patches of orange.

The high from this backpack boyz strainleads to a full body experience. The initial puff hits hard then you soon settle down and get your wits.

This exotic cannabis strain  is one of the amazing strains created from the Cookies x Backpackboyz collaboration.

Due to it’s sedative effects this strain is recommended for insomnia patients and like many other backpackboyz strains it is sweet tasting with a bubbly, minty flavor.

The high from zerbert strain is subtle making it perfect for daytime consumption or stress relief.

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Where To Buy Zerbert Strain Backpackboyz

Buy Zerbet Backpackboyz cookies strain from any cookies dispensary all over the U.S. To buy top quality strains then visit our shop or order online today for pick up or delivery at Kushdmt and avoid waiting in long lines. You can also sample some of our other cookies strains such Banana Runtz, the mintz soap strain.

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After a comprehensive examination of the Zerbert Strain, an increasingly popular strain of cannabis, we are offering readers with a detailed comprehension into its effects and potential advantages. We strive to provide our audience all they need to know about this one-of-a-kind strain!

Overview of Zerbert Strain

The renowned Zerbert Strain is a combination of the Zkittlez and Sunset Sherbet cannabis strains, often recognized for its profoundly sweet flavor that reminds one of berries and candy. This strain’s THC levels are notably high — between 20-25% — making it a favorite among experienced cannabis aficionados who seek an intense experience.


The Zerbert Strain is known for its succulent and lumpy buds, which typically range from medium to large in size. These flowers boast resinous and sticky trichomes that coat the exterior of the bud, giving it a unique texture. Furthermore, these blossoms showcase vibrant green hues tinged with purple or pink accents. Not only does this strain offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also provides a remarkable flavor profile!

The Zerbert Strain’s flavor and aroma are not only described as pleasant, but a veritable mixture of sweet berries and candy – with the added citrusy earthiness. Inhale or exhale; you’re bound to savor each zesty whiff of berry bliss!


This delightful strain is nothing short than an enjoyable treat for all users that will have them eager to come back for more.


Possessing a potent, enduring buzz, the Zerbert Strain is renowned for its capability to make users feel relaxed and elated. The strong physical sensation it offers has been reported to soothe pain, stress, and anxiety. Additionally, this strain is ideal for those who seek an environment of creative stimulation as it’s known to enliven disposition and invigorate imagination – musicians and artists alike enjoy its effects!

Medical Benefits

The Zerbert Strain has a range of medical advantages, owing to its high THC potencies and powerful effects. It is commonly employed to reduce depression, stress, anxiety symptoms and chronic pain or inflammation and may potentially be beneficial in treating conditions such as migraines, insomnia or PTSD.


At last, the Zerbert Strain is a widely sought-after hybrid strain of cannabis known for its sweet and fruity flavor as well as potent effects. This strain boasts high THC levels, making it suitable not just recreationally but also medicinally. If you’re looking to relax, reduce pain symptoms or improve your mood, this could be an excellent option that fits all your needs!



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