5-Mapb Crystal


Product name: 5-MAPB
Formal Name: 1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine
CAS NO:1354631-77-8
Formula: C12H15NO
Molecular weight: 225.70
Production Capacity: 200Kilogram/month
Appearance : Big crystal
Purity: Above99.5%


5-Mapb Crystal

Here you can purchase 5-mapb gem at an exceptionally less expensive rate and save some more dollars. Minimal proper information exists on 5-MAPB. It doesn’t share the neurotoxicity of MDA brought about by the alpha-methyldopamine metabolite. A concentrate in rodents showed that the significant metabolites of 5-MAPB are likewise 5-APB and 3-carboxymethyl.
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  • 5-Mapb-Crystal

For quite a while we have been selling the 5-mapb and we have noticed that most purchasers will constantly get back soon. Clients ordinarily report significant sympathy and empathy, expanded solace with an acknowledgment of oneself. Our 5-MAPB available to be purchased is extremely strong and that is the reason individuals make want more and more.

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